Fire Safety & Marshall

Learn to recognize the hazards that may lead to a fire, and how to react safely and responsibly in the event of one breaking out. Witness first-hand the operation of site safety and evacuation procedures, and how to correctly use fire blankets and extinguishers.

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Course Aims

  • Legislation
  • The Fire Services Act
  • Responsibilities – Employees – Contractors – Visitors
  • The role of staff – in line with site procedures
  • Understanding how fire spreads
  • The chemistry of fire (The Fire Triangle)
  • A visual presentation of the spread of fire
  • The importance of fire prevention
  • The importance of identifying hazards
  • Carrying out internal inspections (In line with in-house procedures)
  • Daily, weekly, monthly checks
  • Record keeping
  • The importance of keeping the fire register up to date
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Discovering a fire
  • Hearing the fire alarm going off
  • Evacuation procedures as per your Site Safety Plan

Course Syllabus

  • Safe use of fire extinguishers with particular emphasis on the types available within various premises
  • The use of fire blankets
  • Sessions end with a live-fire demonstration on a gas-fired training kit where the correct use of each extinguisher is demonstrated, following which each participant is provided with an opportunity to use the extinguishers under supervision.
  • Demonstration on the use of fire blankets


2 years


1 day