Phlebotomy & Cannulation

Accredited Phlebotomy & Cannulation
Healthcare Professionals & PhD Researchers
10 CPD Credits

This is a 1 Day attendance course, attracting 10 CPD Credits. The aim of this one-day programme is to extend and enhance the knowledge of venepuncture (Phlebotomy and Cannulation) for registered general nurses and other qualified healthcare professionals. It has been designed using a Risk Management approach and encompasses the use of a standard operating procedure for the techniques being applied. The enhancement of the nursing role through the application of the Scope of Practice is addressed with regard to performing Venepuncture.

The objectives of the programme are that each participant will:

  • Be aware of the risks of blood-borne viruses.
  • Appreciate the importance of hand hygiene and skin decontamination
  • Comprehend the anatomy of the relevant vascular system,
  • Develop skills in phlebotomy and/or intravenous cannulation
  • Adhere to HIQA standards on Infection Prevention & Control
  • Practice the correct disposal of Sharps
  • Understand Inoculation injury protocols

It is anticipated that this programme will produce a practitioner who is capable of performing phlebotomy and/or intravenous cannulation in a safe manner for both the patient/client and colleagues in the workplace. On course completion, 1 day refresher every 2 years

Training Venue

  • Specific Hospital / Care Centre Site /Hired facilities

Number of participants:

  • 12/ 24 per programme

The number of instructors:

  • 1 Instructor per 10/12 participants

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Educational Equipment:

  • Manikin Arms, Simulated Venous Pads, Phlebotomy Units, IV Cannulation Equipment, Sharps Disposal Units, Body-Fluids Spillage Kits and Hand-Hygiene Products.
  • Visual Aids, Handouts of Presentations and Venepuncture self-performance framework.

Teaching Methods:

Lectures, Discussions, Demonstrations, Application to practice

Programme Evaluation:
Participants will be invited to give verbal feedback and fill in a programme evaluation form on content, length, relevance, presentation, and practical involvement.


On completion of the programme, Synergie will present a Certificate of Completion & Participation attracting 10 CPD Credits.